We help filmmakers to get

motion  shots.

Let’s make some action.

Get action or smooth shots

We can help you to get fantastic dynamic and smooth shots helped to MUVIA systems. More creativity, more efficiency in your every project.

You get ample opportunity for using this system in cinema or in advertising shooting cars, animals, bicycles, architecture, etc.

There are excellent visibility, 360° rotation. The crane allows to film moving scenes from different sides creating great motion pictures. System is compatible with wide range of cameras kits such as RED, ARRI Alexa, etc.

We know for good result requires considerable symbiosis among all members and we are this type of teams. Car is equipped with seats and monitors for the director and DOP.

Tech specifications

Our advantages

Our system is mobile and it can be ready for shooting in a moment
Our system
This system has been made by us and so we know it from A to Z
High experienced team
We have been filming from long time ago including such systems as our
Our system is light and it allows as to be more nimble and it reduces a huge spectrum of problems connected with transportation
In contradistinction to hand-filming systems all members are in safe
We also can film on bad roads




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Zlin. Czech Republic